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An elite event management company is looking for a sales manager to join the team. The successful candidate must have proven sales ability both over the phone and in meeting environments. All experience is accepted including retail, we judge on ability not previous job titles. In your cover letter please detail any sales statistics you have, such as average sale value, and percentage of potential customers who you closed in your previous or current role. Please provide references that can back up these statistics.


Successful employees in this organisation receive generous bonuses on frequent occasions, in addition to their wages. Likewise, well performing candidates can potentially receive expedited promotions to management positions in a short time period, no matter previous job titles or experience. High performing current employees sometimes can earn up to $500 an hour, based on the commissions they receive (this is not the hourly rate we pay however these results are based on the ability of each employee to take advantage of the radially available opportunities). Any new employees who perform their sales duties well can potentially expect to receive similar amounts as current employees.


The job roles, involves;

  1. Assisting with on boarding new clients for the firm through phone conversations.
  2. Assisting with on boarding clients and sponsorships through in person meetings.
  3. Attending business networking events in order to meet with potential new clients, sponsors, and businesses in need of PR.
  4. Will be required to organise meeting times for other staff in the organisation.


The successful applicant must be;

  1. Charismatic and have proven interpersonal skills.
  2. Has experience and proven ability on phone and in person sales.
  3. Has a general understanding of how to conduct sales.
  4. Is enthusiastic and a hard worker.
  5. Is trustworthy.
  6. Organised and notices details.
  7. Is punctual and has the ability to recall important details.
  8. Has an understanding of business terminology or is willing to learn business terminology.
  9. Is open to learning and open conversation in relation to all tasks
  10. Is driven and a hard worker.


Desirable qualities (not required but encouraged in job candidates);

  1. Has experience working in the events, and or charity sectors.
  2. Has graduated or is currently studying to get a university degree, preferably in business, commerce, marketing, psychology, law etc.
  3. Is well connected with high net worth individuals and understands what is required to work in high value sales areas.


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